University of South Wales

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We were delighted to supply the stage for the University of South Wales students who are studying for the BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology degree.


The University of South Wales is one of the leading universities for Lighting and Live Event Technology in the UK. In partnership with the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), leading manufacturers, suppliers and professionals, the BSc (Hons) degree offers student’s knowledge and experience you won’t find at any other university. Students study a wide range of subjects from electrical theory, flying & rigging, lighting & sound design, video & TV, business & safety.

As part of their course they needed practical experience in designing a lightshow and installing it on a stage. The students could show off the knowledge they have gained over the course by displaying a very impressive light show controlled through the lighting control desks.

Our stage proved very suitable with its easy installation and quick set-up time. It allowed the students to install the lights in the roof of the stage prior to the roof being lifted.